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Reviewed By Gisela Dixon for Readers’ Favorite Award

Me, Too! Child and Adult Sexual Abuse and Prevention by Susan Sophie Bierker is a non-fiction book on everything there is to know about childhood and adult sexual abuse. Although the book is meant for all sexual abuse survivors, the predominant focus of the book, and rightly so, is on childhood sexual abuse. This is because the most long-term devastating effects of sexual abuse usually have their base in sexual abuse that has happened in the early years, and also because children are more vulnerable with fewer resources than adults. That being said, Susan covers all topics comprehensively that have recently received media attention once again due to the #metoo movement.

The book is divided into chapters and sub-sections that cover what is sexual abuse, how to identify it in children, how to educate children and adults, and more importantly, society itself so it learns to watch out for warning signals that sexually abused children often unconsciously give out, cults, child porn rings, sex trafficking, and how it perpetrates, the most common physical and emotional symptoms that a sexually abused child displays, what to do and where to turn for help, various means and therapies to try to overcome the trauma, and long-term personality impairments and disorders resulting from sexual abuse, and much more. Throughout the book, there are numerous, detailed lists of resources provided to turn to for help including their websites, information, etc.

Me, Too! Child and Adult Sexual Abuse and Prevention is a fantastic book and every person should read it. I feel that all schools should actually be teaching such subjects in the classroom based on exactly a book like this. I really appreciated how much effort Susan has put into collecting all of the most up-to-date data and statistics on this issue including real cases. I also felt that the section on how to spot clues, warning signs, and red flags among kids is crucial and this should be taught in every classroom. Susan writes with empathy, with a genuine concern about this issue, and it is shocking how widespread and prevalent this is with one in every five girls having been sexually abused. This is a very well-written book with plenty of resources for help and is a must-read for everyone.

I was really impressed by this manual intended to help those who have been abused to understand what happened and how to deal with it. It not only provides extensive information defining and categorizing the various forms of sexual abuse, and a number of relevant case histories, it helps those who have experienced it to deal with it most effectively. In that it includes not only much practical advice, but also helps the reader realize how much company he or she has in experiencing this, it should be a very effective form of help and support for anyone who purchases and uses it. —John Baxter,  Book Editor in Flowood, Mississippi

“I highly recommend Me Too! to anyone involved in the battle against sexual abuse and assault. Bierker’s vast experience as a therapist assisting survivors, coupled with her own personal journey and subsequent triumphs, make her the perfect Healing Warrior. Her book is a wonderful educational tool but equally powerful in its healing capacity for those assisting survivors in becoming thrivers. This book will undoubtedly become a powerful resource in the mission to end sexual assault and heal those whom have been wounded.” —Chris Veihl, MA, LPC, Clinical Director, Crossroads for Youth, Residential Treatment Center for Neglected  and Abused Children and Adolescents

Me Too! is such a timely book for this powerful movement that is exposing the darkness of sexual abuse and bringing it to light by becoming aware, and discussing it openly and honestly. This book and movement is a necessity—thank goodness for Susan Sophie Bierker whose writing is both courageous and vulnerable. Vulnerability is strength, not weakness, and it is the first step in healing. The book brings forth exactly what is needed: awareness, education, and healing.” —Chad Myers, M.Ed,  Teacher,Certified Life Coach, Author

“Susan Sophie Bierker’s Me Too! book on child and adult sexual abuse and prevention is an excellent guide to understanding this significant issue. It is a timely, comprehensive, and much needed resource for education and prevention that I highly recommend.” —Carin Friedman, EdD, LCSW

“Education about sexual abuse is prevention of sexual abuse. The #MeToo movement showed us how prevalent sexual abuse is in our society today. The Me, Too! book makes practical headway in educating adults and young people.

It is the book you need to read if you have ever been the victim of sexual abuse or harassment, either as a child or as an adult; it is definitely the book you need to read if you want to save others’ lives from being harmed or destroyed by unchecked predators.” —Allan Arthur Schulte, PhD, President & Director of Lotus Stress Relief

Me, Too! Child and Adult Sexual Abuse and Prevention is a compassionate guide to helping survivors of sexual abuse to understand and begin to heal from their emotional wounds of suffering. The author’s ability to express to her readers the importance of honoring the strength of the human spirit despite adversity is truly remarkable! This is indeed a must read for all who wish to support the Me , Too Movement! —Lea Chapin Ms; Ed. Mental Health Counselor, Author and Educator