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Millions have tweeted #MeToo. What now? Sexual abuse therapist and Life Coach Susan Sophie Bierker, MSW, brings depth to the globally-trending awareness movement with her newly released book on adult and child sexual abuse and prevention, Me, Too!.

Sarasota, Florida:  May 1, 2018—Suncoast Digital Press, Inc. publishing house announces the publication of Me, Too! Child and Adult Sexual Abuse and Prevention, a book to educate women and men on victim and abuser issues, while providing practical solutions to help prevent the abuse, harassment, and sex-trafficking of children and adults.

It is based on the premise that the locked box of societal taboos against disclosing abuse and reporting specific abusers has been shattered, thereby releasing new hope for victims and preventing future victimizations.

Bierker offers remedies and effective prevention steps based on her 20+ years as a therapist helping victims and survivors.  Her book covers:

  • Why has the #MeToo movement been so important?
  • Who are the men in powerful positions accused of sexual harassment and assault?
  • How did Dr. Larry Nassar get away with sexually abusing 500+ girls?
  • How can our children be protected so they are not sexual abuse victims?
  • From victim to survivor—what has proven to be most helpful in healing?


Professionals who understand this devastating problem and welcome Bierker’s real-world examples and helpful resources are already offering strong endorsements. “I highly recommend Me Too! to anyone involved in the battle against sexual abuse and assault. Bierker’s vast experience as a therapist assisting survivors, coupled with her own personal journey and subsequent triumphs, makes her the perfect Healing Warrior,” said Chris Veihl, MA, LPC, the Clinical Director for Crossroads for Youth, a residential treatment center for neglected  and abused children and adolescents.

Bierker, a resident of Sarasota, Florida, researched and wrote sections of her book over a ten-year span, deciding last year that with the advent of #MeToo and the opening for awareness vs. denial in our society, her book had a message whose time had come.

Former middle-school teacher and Certified Life Coach, Chad Myers, endorsed the book by saying, “Me Too! is such a timely book for this powerful movement that is exposing the darkness of sexual abuse and bringing it to light by becoming aware, and discussing it openly and honestly.”

Bierker makes a compelling case to readers to join her mission, calling herself a Sexual Abuse Prevention Advocate, and encouraging others to take caring and committed actions in support.

Dr. Allan Schulte of Sarasota writes, “Education about sexual abuse is prevention of sexual abuse. The #MeToo movement showed us how prevalent sexual abuse is in our society today. The Me, Too! book makes practical headway in educating adults and young people.”

Since everyone is affected by the widespread occurrence of abuse, readers will relate to the book whether they have been indirectly or very personally affected. “It is the book you need to read if you have ever been the victim of sexual abuse or harassment, either as a child or as an adult; it is definitely the book you need to read if you want to save others’ lives from being harmed or destroyed by unchecked predators,” said Dr. Schulte.

Me, Too! includes stories of victims who became not only survivors, but thrivers, as told first-hand to the author. “Material that talks about abuse as something which could potentially happen falls short of making a lasting difference for those interested in healing from abuse or in helping to prevent others from becoming the prey of sex predators,” said Bierker. “My book is unique. I focus on the importance of and methods to discovering existing abuse, how to handle and report it, and the prevention of abuse for both children and adults.”

Me Too Sexual Abuse

$18.97 US (paperback)   $7.95 (kindle/eBook)
            Me, Too! Child and Adult Sexual Abuse and Prevention is available on, in paperback and for kindle and eBook readers, and through major bookstores. For more information, visit the author’s website:

ISBN: 978-1-939237-58-3

Published by Suncoast Digital Press, Inc.

Sarasota, Florida, USA

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